In operation

  • Safe operation
    No risk of explosion due to leaky gas lines or percolation of oil into the ground water.
  • Mobility
    A “take along heating system", you place your infrared heater wherever it is needed. Today in the living room, bedroom, nursery; tomorrow in your holiday home, motorhome, house boat or basement party room.
  • Heating when and where your need it
    Still too cold in May, still too warm in September - October? Why turn ono the whole heating system?
    You can determine your own personal fell-good temperature without having to ask the landlord using the SUNNYHEAT infrared heating system.
  • Reliable energy source
    Electricity is available everywhere, it is now matter of course to use renewable energy sources such as solar electricity, wind power, etc.
  • Easy installation
    Insert the plug into the power outlet and turn on your ECOcontrol - done!
  • A wide variety of options
    e. g. using lighting or window sensors


Compared to a convection heater

  • No dust circulation
    Positive effect on persons with allergies or asthma and small children.
  • Space-saving design
    The small installation depth enables unobtrusive mounting on walls or ceilings.
  • Individual design
    Decorate your heater with images or colours - in whatever way you like.
  • Cost-effective purchase
    You save money for piping and gas or oil tanks!
  • No permanent installation
    You can move the heating system to a different location at any time, e.g. if you rearrange the furniture of your home or move.
  • Space-saving - already during building
    No extra room for a boiler and heating system pipes.
  • No chimney
    Save space and maintenance costs.
  • No boiler room
    No extra room for oil tanks or similar.


For the sake of the environment

  • Many ways to save energy
    Our ECOcontrol allows you to regulate the temperature precisely - using only a small amount of energy!
  • No loss of heat through transport
    No heating system pipes or long transport distances until the energy gets to where it is meant to be.
  • Even distribution of heat
    Lower energy consumption due to even distribution of heat in the room.
  • No dust circulation
    Tolerated well by persons with allergies or asthma!
  • Healthy and pleasant room air
    The humidity of the air remains constant! Lower risk of mould or mildew formation!
  • No development of odours
    No dry or musty smelling, dusty air!
  • Tangible "solar heat"
    Our bodies absorb the infrared heat in an extremely natural manner.
  • No loss of energy by airing the rooms
    Combine our heating panels with our wind sensors and save even more energy.
  • No exhaust fumes
    No exhaust gases develop through combustion, etc.


Smart Home in the bag

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