In order to conserve our planet's resources, it is important to use as much renewable energy as possible. The automotive industry is showing the way by investing in the development and construction of electric cars.

What is promoted and favoured for cars is often not yet used for heating.

We believe in electricity as an energy source, because it is the only energy that can be generated with renewable energy from nature such as wind and sun.


Why is the SUNNYHEAT infrared heater economical - even if it is powered by electricity?

  • Green electricity
    You can run SUNNYHEAT with electricity from renewable sources.
  • SUNNYHEAT is fast
    It reacts quickly to changes in the room. For example, the output is reduced when the room is heated by cooking or the sun. Many heating technologies, such as underfloor heating, cannot react so quickly due to their construction.
  • Integrated control
    Thanks to the SUNNYHEAT control technology, only as much power or electricity is used as the room actually needs.
  • Economical due to sensors
    A motion sensor is included with every SUNNYHEAT underfloor heating and a window sensor is included with every underfloor heating with ECOcontrol.
  • Easy handling
    SUNNYHEAT has many features, such as the creation of a heating plan and a holiday function. This allows energy to be saved.


Heating with electricity does not have to be a burden on the environment and the wallet. It depends on how the heating is controlled. Control technology is particularly important to us as a development workshop for control systems. That is why we always pay great attention to functions and control in our products.


How SUNNYHEAT regulates

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